May 9.10.12 | Dakar

film festival 2017


Tuesday, 9th May 2017: ART MEETS THE ENVIRONMENT


A Facebook DAKAR VERT EFF initiative will be launched to invite DV enthusiasts to submit photographs or drawings, or any type of installation, or poetry, rap, dance to express their daily and personal encounter with environmental problems, Climate change, big ideas or solutions for the environment. Dakar Vert EFF seeks dialogue with ART to create more awareness about environmental problems and how to encounter them?

The works will be installed Tuesday, May 9, and / or present the 11.May

Discussion at the exhibition open to the public

Submission This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday, 10th May 2017: ‘Sand Wars and Sand Fischers

Introduction Dakar Vert EFF

Feature Film:

Sand Wars, USA,  2012, 1hr 14min , French, by Denis Delestrac

'Sand has become a vital resource in our modern economies, especially in construction that are growing exponentially all over the world. The sand of the deserts being unsuitable for construction, the groups of public works then turned towards the sea, and begin to provoke a real ecological bomb. For the first time a documentary thanks to a meticulous investigation explains and updates this reality that only scientists, NGOs and of course major groups of public works know.

This documentary shows the ins and outs of a disastrous chain reaction, of an unprecedented ecological, social, human and unprecedented drama whose inevitability could be the total disappearance of the beaches of the world.


Short Film:

PECHEURS BOZO, EXTRACTEURS DU SABLE, Mali, 2013, 6min, by Moctar Barry,

Droit Libre TV

In the suburbs of Bamako, there is an increasingly flourishing economic activity: the extraction of sand at the bottom of the Niger River. Given the increasing need for sand for construction, the price of sand has skyrocketed, pushing many people from all over Mali to abandon everything for this activity. It is mainly the Bozo fishermen who devote themselves to this rather hard activity.


HAMOU-BEYA, SANDFISCHERS, Mali 2012, French, 72 min, by Andrey Samoute Diarra


Hamou-Beya - Sandfishers is a slim and carefully observed film that captures the dilemmas faced by a man and his community in a world shattered by economic and climatic changes. - The Bozo of Mali are people of the water. For generations, they live along the banks of the Niger River, fishing for their subsistence. But climate change and drought have resulted in decreased water levels and decreased numbers of fish, pushing young Bozo to leave their villages in search of work.


Can the quantity of sand available respond to the explosion of demand fueled by the housing boom? What are the consequences of the intensive extraction of marine and river sand for the environment and populations? And just for our future and that of the planet? - Discussion on climate change and consequences for fishermen.

With invited architects, construction and scientists and especially the public.

Thursday, 11th May, 2017

ACTIONS - Clean up/Green up Action


Friday, 12th May, 2017: ‘Climate change policies and the reality for the Baobabs'

Introduction Dakar Vert EFF


Climat, Le Théâtre des négociations, France 2015,  51 min, by David Bornstein


For the first time in twenty years of UN climate conferences, 200 students from around the world are investing in the Théâtre des Amandiers to play a life-size COP while reinventing it. Inspired by two climate experts, Laurence Tubiana, representative of France in Paris Climat 2015, and the philosopher Bruno Latour, are no longer the only states but the cities, the oceans and the soils that invite themselves to the negotiating table . They gave themselves three days and one night to find an agreement, with the motto: Make it work! "Climate, The Theater of Negotiations" is an extraordinary experiment involving science, visual arts, theater and politics.


Feature Film:

BAOBAB - Entre terre et mer, Madagascar 2014, 50 min, by Cyrille Cornu


Because of their impressive size and original shapes, the baobab trees are among the most remarkable trees on the planet. In Madagascar, the giants are still poorly known and threatened by deforestation. To study them in the heart of the forests, Cyrille and Wilfrid decide to go in canoe to explore 450 km of wild coast between Tuléar and Morondava in the west of Madagascar!


General discussion on climate change and policies.

DAKAR VERT at the GOETHE - Closing Evening



Social evening with music and refreshments!

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